What is Flux in React ?

Flux is a design pattern developed at Facebook that was designed to keep data flowing in one direction. What does React or Flux have to do with functional JavaScript ? Flux provides a way to provide the data that React will use to create the UI In Flux, application state data is managed outside of … Read more

What is Higher-Order Functions in functional programming of javascript ?

Higher-order functions are very useful in asychronous task.in functional programming of javascript Array.map, Array.filter, and Array.reduce methods all take functions as arguments. They are higher-order functions. Example Currying is a functional technique that involves the use of higher-order functions. Currying is the practice of holding on to some of the values needed to complete an … Read more

What is The Spread Operator in javascript ES6 ?

Spread Operator in ES6 is three dot(…) to make a copy of array without alter or muted the original array Example var array1 = [“Tallac”, “Ralston”, “Rose”]var array2 = [“Ward”, “Blackwood”]var array3 = […array1, …array2]console.log(array3.join(‘, ‘)) // Tallac, Ralston, Rose, Ward, Blackwood Without the Spead Operator(…) the reverse() method to get the last element from … Read more

What is Props in React ?

Props in React is the argument passed to React component through HTML Attribute. either String as argument or variable or object to React Component an attribute is used in HTML to pass to React Component is Called Props in React Example How do pass variables in React Props? to pass variable as an argument for … Read more

Nested Component in React

A nested component in React means Component in Component like a nested loop A nested Component makes it easier to write React code. While designing two dimension array or graph we use nested loops to write the two-dimensional loop Similarly, in the Nest component, we write a component in the component Example: Initialization Output College … Read more

React Components

React provides Components which behave like function but return HTML tags by render() function. React provides two types of components one is Class types Component and another is function like component React Class Component React Class Component name must start with uppercase and it should extends React.Component making Class Component Example Display name Component React … Read more


JSX full form is Javascript XML JSX allows us to write HTML tags in JavaScript. and JSX place HTML tags in DOM without using the javascript createElement() or appendChild() function Example: How to write HTML tags without JSX? React.createElement() method with three parameters uses to write html tag in javascript React Example: How to pass … Read more

React ES6

React uses ES6. we all have to know about ES6. ES6 stands for ECMAScirpt6. ES6 was first published in 2015 so it is also known as ES6 2015. ES6 is an updated version of javascript. And React uses that ES6 syntax. so let’s know all about ES6 Class is a keyword-like function that is used … Read more

React.StrictMode tag in React in App.js?

React.StrictMode in React is a tool that is used to provide potential problems in applications like Fragment. if there is any visible UI(User interface) then React.StrictMode does not render. React.StrictMode provides additional checks and warning for its descendants. when we start our first project of React then in App.js we can see that React.StrictMode is … Read more