Parsing XML in PHP

PHP includes three XML parsers: one event-driven library based on the expat C library, one DOM-based library, and one for parsing simple XML documents named, appropriately, Simple XML The most commonly used parser is the event-based library, which lets you parse but not validate XML documents. This means you can find out which XML tags … Read more

PHP to generate XML

PHP can be used to generate dynamic HTML, it can also be used to generate dynamic XML. You can generate XML for other programs to make use of based on forms, database queries, or anything else you can do in PHP. One application for dynamic XML is Rich Site Summary (RSS), a file format for … Read more

What is XML ?

XML, the Extensible Markup Language, is a standardized data format. It looks a little like HTML, with tags and entities (&). Unlike HTML, however, XML is designed to be easy to programmatically parse, and there are rules for what you can and cannot do in an XML document. XML is now the standard data format … Read more