Mastering the 8086/8088: A Guide to Instruction Set and Assembler Directives

This article aims to help readers understand how to use the 8086/8088 processors by explaining their instruction formats, addressing modes, and instruction sets. It also covers important assembler directives and operators used in assembly language programming for these processors. While various assemblers exist for programming with 8086/8088, this article focuses on those compatible with MASM … Read more

Understanding the Core: Inside the 6086/8088 Processors with Detailed Architecture, Pinout, and Timing Analysis

Intel introduced its first 4-bit microprocessor, the 4004, in 1971, and followed up with an 8-bit one, the 8008, in 1972. However, these early microprocessors had limitations in their design and performance, preventing them from being widely used as general-purpose microprocessors. A breakthrough came in 1974 with the launch of the 8080, Intel’s first general-purpose … Read more