How to Develop a Content Marketing Strategy

It’s a big promise: perfect content marketing. But it is possible if you understand how content fits into your overall digital marketing strategy. And done right, your content marketing will not only attract prospects, but also move them through a marketing funnel to drive more sales and grow your business. Methods of Well-Executed Content Marketing … Read more

Digital Marketing Strategy

There are eight step process of crafting your digital marketing strategy: Step 1: Awareness Before someone can buy from you, they have to realize you exist—right? Well, that’s Step 1 in the Customer Value Journey This step is pretty self-explanatory: It’s where the person becomes aware of you. After all, nobody is born knowing who … Read more

How to Manage Your Cybersocial Campaign in digital marketing

Managing Your Social Media Schedule As you know from the rest of your business experience, if something isn’t important enough to schedule, it never gets done. Social media, like the rest of your marketing efforts, can easily be swallowed up by day-to-day demands. You must set aside time for it and assign tasks to specific … Read more

Tallying the Bottom Line in digital marketing

The business metric ROI involves revenues. Alas, becoming famous online isn’t a traditional part of ROI; it might have a public relations value and affect business results, but fame doesn’t necessarily make you rich. This chapter examines the cost of acquiring new customers, tracking sales, and managing leads. After you reach the break-even point on … Read more

Definition of Social Media Marketing

The phrase social media marketing generally refers to using these online services for relationship selling — selling based on developing rapport with customers. Social media services make innovative use of new online technologies to accomplish the familiar communication and marketing goals of this form of selling Here are the different types of social media services: … Read more