Linkify in Android

Linkify is a helper class that creates hyperlinks within Text View (and Text View-derived) classes through RegEx pattern matching Text that matches a specified RegEx pattern will be converted into a clickable hyperlink that implicitly fi res startActivity(new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW, uri)), using the matched text as the target URI. Native Linkify Link Types The Linkify class … Read more

Native Android Actions

Native Android applications also use Intents to launch Activities and sub-Activities. The following (noncomprehensive) list shows some of the native actions available as static string constants in the Intent class. When creating implicit Intents, you can use these actions, known as Activity Intents, to start Activities and sub-Activities within your own applications ACTION_ALL_APPS — Opens … Read more

Intents in Android

Intents are used as a message-passing mechanism that works both within your application and between applications. You can use Intents to do the following: Explicitly start a particular Service or Activity using its class name Start an Activity or Service to perform an action with (or on) a particular piece of data Broadcast that an … Read more

Types of Android Applications

Most of the applications you create in Android will fall into one of the following categories: Foreground — An application that’s useful only when it’s in the foreground and is effectively suspended when it’s not visible. Games are the most common examples Background — An application with limited interaction that, apart from when being confi-gured, … Read more