What is Files ?

Everything on your hard drive is stored as a file of one kind or another A file is nothing more than an ordered sequence of bytes stored on a hard disk or other storage media A directory is a special type of file that holds the names of the files and directories inside the folder … Read more

Definition Lexical Structure

The lexical structure of a programming language is the set of basic rules that governs how you write programs in that language. It is the lowest-level syntax of the language and specifies such things as what variable names look like, what characters are used for comments, and how program statements are separated from each other.

React js application modification after installation?

Modifying a React.js application after the initial installation involves making changes to its source code, adding or updating components, and managing dependencies. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to modify a React.js application: 1. Navigate to Your React App’s Directory: Use the terminal or command prompt to navigate to the directory where your React.js application … Read more

CDN Full Form

In the fast-paced world of technology and web development, acronyms are abundant, and deciphering their meanings can sometimes feel like navigating a maze. One such acronym that plays a crucial role in optimizing website performance is CDN. So, what does CDN stand for? Let’s unravel the mystery behind CDN and explore its significance in the … Read more