What is React State ?

Whare is React State is initialize? React State is initialized in React Component Constructor Example Multiple Properties in React State we can store Example How to use React State in Component? Syntax this.state.propertyname Example What is setState() in react Component? setState() is used to change the properties of React Component State properties Example Output: After … Read more

Nested Component in React

A nested component in React means Component in Component like a nested loop A nested Component makes it easier to write React code. While designing two dimension array or graph we use nested loops to write the two-dimensional loop Similarly, in the Nest component, we write a component in the component Example: Initialization Output College … Read more

React js application modification after installation ?

If you want to modify the React js Application after installation then just go to myfirstreact after that go to src folder and just open the App.js file and modify that  myfirstreact>src>App.js The default React Application code will look like If you just want Hello World for React application then just remove the tag from … Read more