List of AWS core service categories

Table of AWS core service categories Category Function Compute Services replicating the traditional role of local physical servers for the cloud, offering advanced configurations including auto scaling, load balancing, and even serverless architectures (a method for delivering server functionality with a very small footprint) Networking Application connectivity, access control, and enhancedremote connections Storage Various kinds … Read more

Cloud Computing Optimization

The cloud is a great choice for so many serious workloads because it’s scalable, elastic, and, often, a lot cheaper than traditional alternatives. Effective deployment provisioning will require some insight into those three features Scalability A scalable infrastructure can efficiently meet unexpected increases in demand for your application by automatically adding resources. this most often … Read more

Cloud Computing Architecture

Major cloud providers like AWS have enormous server farms where hundreds of thousands of servers and data drives are maintained along with the network cabling necessary to connect them A well-built virtualized environment could provide a virtual server using storage, memory, compute cycles, and network bandwidth collected from the most efficient mix of available sources … Read more

Cloud Computing and Virtualization

The technology that lies at the core of all cloud operations is cloud virtualization lets you divide the hardware resources of a single physical server into smaller units. That physical server could therefore host multiple virtual machines running their own complete operating systems, each with its own memory, storage, and network access Virtualization’s flexibility … Read more