Hook in React

In React Hook is a special function that lets you “hook into” React features Example to import Hook in React useState Hook useState is a Hook that lets you add React state to function components

React Router

Routing is the process of defining endpoints for client’s requests. These endpoints work in conjunction with the browser’s location and history objects. They are used to identify requested content so that JavaScript can load and render the appropriate user interface React does not have standard Rounting libaray. but with React Router libaray we can implement … Read more

What is Redux ?

Redux is a predictable state container for JavaScript apps to reduce the apps complexity. in other words Redux is a pattern and library for managing and updating application state, using events called “actions” Redux is Flux like libraries. and Redux is based on Flux Redux was created by Dan Abramov and Andrew Clark Redux provides … Read more

What is Flux in React ?

Flux is a design pattern developed at Facebook that was designed to keep data flowing in one direction. What does React or Flux have to do with functional JavaScript ? Flux provides a way to provide the data that React will use to create the UI In Flux, application state data is managed outside of … Read more

What is Sass and How to use in React ?

What is Sass ? Sass is preprocessor of css it means Sass files are executed on the server then css send back to browser in React with create-react-app we can easily install Sass use the terminal command to install Sass npm install node-sass Now just create .scss extension type file and add the given below … Read more

How to use CSS in React ?

We can use CSS in React like HTML CSS that is inline CSS or external CSS. in React inline CSS we use similar to javascript object notation. it mean React inline CSS are written in Curly braces. Example {{color:red,backgroundColor:blue}} React inline CSS uses javascript object notation so in inline React CSS camelSyntax we use instead … Read more

What is React Events ?

React Events work similar to HTML Events based upon user Events React follows the same event of HTML events like click change mouseover etc What is the Syntax of React Events ? React has camelCase Syntax onClick for HTML onclick simliar syntax we use React events are written in curly braces Example: onClick={name} and in … Read more

What is React Component Lifecycle ?

React Component has LifeCycle through which we can monitor or manipulate React Component during its phases React three main phases are What is Mounting in React Component phase? Mounting in React Component phase is the phase in which we put Elements in DOM React Mounting Methods? React has four inbuilt Mounting methods in the following … Read more

What is React State ?

Whare is React State is initialize? React State is initialized in React Component Constructor Example Multiple Properties in React State we can store Example How to use React State in Component? Syntax this.state.propertyname Example What is setState() in react Component? setState() is used to change the properties of React Component State properties Example Output: After … Read more