Hook in React

In React, a “hook” is a special function that allows you to use state and other React features in functional components. Before the introduction of hooks in React 16.8, state and other features were only available in class components. Hooks provide a way to use stateful logic in functional components, making them more powerful and … Read more

React Router

React Router is a library for handling navigation and routing in React applications. It enables you to build single-page applications with dynamic, client-side routing. React Router provides a set of components that manage the navigation and rendering of components based on the URL. Here’s a basic overview of how React Router works and some of … Read more

What is Redux ?

Redux is a state management library for JavaScript applications, commonly used with React but also compatible with other view libraries or frameworks. It provides a predictable state container that helps manage the state of an application in a consistent way, making it easier to develop and maintain complex applications, especially those with a large amount … Read more

What is Flux in React ?

Flux is an architectural pattern and a set of principles for managing state in a React application. It was developed by Facebook to address the challenges of managing the flow of data in large and complex React applications. Flux is not a library or a framework but rather a design pattern that provides a unidirectional … Read more

What is React Events?

In the context of React, “events” refer to interactions or occurrences that happen in a web application, such as a user clicking a button, moving the mouse, typing on a keyboard, or any other action that triggers a response from the application. React is a popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces, and it provides … Read more

What is React Component Lifecycle?

React component lifecycle refers to the various stages or phases that a React component goes through during its existence. Understanding the component lifecycle is crucial for managing the behavior of your components and performing tasks at specific points in a component’s life. In React, there are three main phases of a component’s lifecycle: In addition … Read more

What is React State ?

In React, “state” refers to an object that holds data or information that can change over time. It represents the dynamic part of a React component, allowing the component to keep track of and manage its own data. State is a fundamental concept in React, and it is used to build dynamic and interactive user … Read more