What is Module in javascript ES6 ?

Module in javascript is a piece of reusable code that can easily be use intoother JavaScript files JavaScript modules are stored in separate files, one file per module. There are twooptions when creating and exporting a module: you can export multiple JavaScriptobjects from a single module, or one JavaScript object per module Example of ES6 … Read more

What is Promises in javascript ?

Promises in javascript is used to handle the asynchronus task. Promises in javascript has producing code and consuming code to handle. it means consuming code has to be wait until code can not be produce either with sucess or with error Promises method is used to handle the promises Syantax : new Promise(sucessmethod,errormethod) Promise object … Read more

What is Destructuring Assignment in javascript ES6 ?

The destructuring assignment in ES6 allows us to locally scope fields within an object andto declare which values will be used. Example: in the above example the code pulls bread and meat out of the object and creates local variables for them. Destructuring Assignment does not alter the value of Object Example destructure for incoming … Read more

What is Template Strings in javascript ES6 ?

Template Strings in ES6 provide us with an alternative to string concatenation. They alsoallow us to insert variables into a string. that’s make quite easy for String Concatenation in ES6 But with a Template Strings, we can create one string and insert the variable values by surrounding them with ${ }: Example of Traditional Strings … Read more

React ES6

React uses ES6. we all have to know about ES6. ES6 stands for ECMAScirpt6. ES6 was first published in 2015 so it is also known as ES6 2015. ES6 is an updated version of javascript. And React uses that ES6 syntax. so let’s know all about ES6 Class is a keyword-like function that is used … Read more