Converting Distance Between Two Cities: A Versatile C Program

As travelers and explorers, we often encounter distances between cities that are measured in kilometers. However, to grasp the magnitude of these distances in more relatable units, conversions to meters, feet, inches, and centimeters become essential. In this article, we present a versatile C program that takes the distance between two cities as input and converts it into various commonly used units, enabling travelers to better comprehend and appreciate the vastness of their journeys.

Understanding Distance Conversions:

Before we delve into the program, let’s comprehend the unit conversions we aim to achieve:

  1. Meters: Meters are a fundamental unit of length in the International System of Units (SI). One kilometer is equivalent to 1000 meters.
  2. Feet: Feet are commonly used in various countries for measuring short distances. One kilometer is approximately 3280.84 feet.
  3. Inches: Inches are commonly used in some regions for measuring small distances. One kilometer is approximately 39370.08 inches.
  4. Centimeters: Centimeters are commonly used for more precise measurements. One kilometer is equivalent to 100,000 centimeters.

Solution: Writing the C Program

#include <stdio.h>

int main() {
    float distanceKm, distanceMeters, distanceFeet, distanceInches, distanceCentimeters;

    // Input the distance in kilometers from the user
    printf("Enter the distance between two cities (in km): ");
    scanf("%f", &distanceKm);

    // Convert to meters (1 km = 1000 meters)
    distanceMeters = distanceKm * 1000;

    // Convert to feet (1 km ≈ 3280.84 feet)
    distanceFeet = distanceKm * 3280.84;

    // Convert to inches (1 km ≈ 39370.08 inches)
    distanceInches = distanceKm * 39370.08;

    // Convert to centimeters (1 km = 100,000 centimeters)
    distanceCentimeters = distanceKm * 100000;

    // Display the converted distances
    printf("Distance in Meters: %.2f m\n", distanceMeters);
    printf("Distance in Feet: %.2f ft\n", distanceFeet);
    printf("Distance in Inches: %.2f in\n", distanceInches);
    printf("Distance in Centimeters: %.2f cm\n", distanceCentimeters);

    return 0;

Explanation of the Program:

  1. We begin by including the necessary header file stdio.h for input/output operations.
  2. We declare five variables: distanceKm to store the input distance in kilometers, and distanceMeters, distanceFeet, distanceInches, and distanceCentimeters to store the converted distances in meters, feet, inches, and centimeters, respectively.
  3. The program prompts the user to input the distance between two cities in kilometers using printf and reads the value using scanf, storing it in the distanceKm variable.
  4. We then perform the unit conversions using the conversion factors mentioned above and store the results in their respective variables.
  5. Finally, the program displays the converted distances in meters, feet, inches, and centimeters using printf, with the %f format specifier to display the floating-point values with two decimal places for accuracy.


Converting distances between cities from kilometers to meters, feet, inches, and centimeters is a valuable tool for travelers and explorers. Our C program provides a simple yet effective solution to perform these conversions, making it easier for individuals to relate to and comprehend the scale of their journeys. By harnessing the power of programming, we can enhance our understanding of the world around us and gain a deeper appreciation for the vast distances we traverse. Happy travels and happy coding!

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