The Basics You Need to Know About Affiliate Marketing

To fully understand how being an affiliate for another Web site or hosting your own affiliate program can benefit your business. You need to understand the basics of how it works, the multitude of variables involved, and the finite differences between affiliate programs, affiliate networks, and affiliate marketing techniques so you can choose the method that will work best for your company or Web site and maximize your revenue potential. This chapter will provide you with all the information you need to understand affiliate programs, including the history of affiliates, how affiliate programs work, and how you can start an affiliate program to directly improve the overall marketing strategy of your business or Web site and increase your revenue’s bottom line or sales volume totals.

Market Research

Market research will help you narrow down the scope of your affiliate efforts and concentrate on the products or affiliate networks which will maximize your revenue stream. Joining or hosting an affiliate program for products that do not sell, have little markup, or are not a fast-moving commodity may not be the best choice for you. Some basic market research will go a long way toward achieving your goal of affiliate marketing success. I will show you how to perform basic market research at no cost with a maximum return on your time investment resulting in increased revenue or sales

How Do I Get Started?

You know the basics and have performed your market research. We will explore the variety of options available, the benefits and drawbacks for each, and get you started on the path to affiliate success. This chapter covers the basic options for affiliate programs and is a critical step in helping you determine whether you want to become an affiliate or host affiliates. Both offer varying degrees of complexity, responsibility, and revenue streams

Becoming an Affiliate of Others

There are two basic choices: You can be an affiliate of others by selling their products on your Web site and getting a commission or other reward for each referral or sale, or let others become your affiliate by selling your products on their Web sites

Hosting and Implementing an Affiliate Program

Do you have stuff to sell or a Web site that sells your products, but is not exactly setting sales records? Instead of selling your products only on your Web site, try selling them on hundreds or thousands of other Web sites around the world. This may sound complicated, but you would be surprised at how easy and effective it is to implement a robust affiliate program. Ever heard of or Both of these companies have the finest affiliate programs around, and you can too. We will cover the costs and drawbacks of implementation options and showcase the success Atlantic Publishing Company has had with implementation of their affiliate program, showing how simple it can be for you.

Optimizing Your Web Site and Affiliate Program

Search engine optimization, Web site design, and techniques to ensure that your Web site is optimized for your affiliate program. An affiliate program by itself is powerful, but an affiliate program combined with a refined and highly optimized Web site is even more powerful. Beyond the Web site, I will show you how you can implement a blog with your affiliate program and use organic search engine optimization to ensure your Web site is visible in all the major search engines

Affiliate Program Software & Networks

Hosting your own affiliate program offers its own unique challenges because it does require some knowledge, maintenance, and administration. You need to track referrals, sales, commissions, and the data about each affiliate. You will have to cut checks, manage accounts, develop and implement simple methods for affiliates to incorporate your products on their Web site, and build the loyalty of your affiliates so your program can grow and be successful.

Marketing and Promoting Your Web Site, Blog, and Affiliate Program

A Web site and a blog are great and a Web site with an affiliate program is even better, but not if no one knows it is there. You need to promote and market your Web site, blog, and affiliate program to attract others to become affiliates.

Other Revenue-Generating Techniques to Use With Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs should not be your entire advertising and marketing strategy to sell your product and increase sales revenues. Instead, it should be one implement in your toolbox of marketing techniques designed to achieve your overall sales or profit goals. In addition to good site design and search engine optimization to maximize search engine visibility, you should implement other revenue generating techniques such as Google AdSense and more.

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