Need of 3-Dimensional Imaging in computer graphics

There are several areas of applications where 2-D imaging is not sufficient we look into some of them in brief.

Computer Aided Design (CAD):

Computer generated images are of atmost use in several design applications like those of automobiles, aircraft’s, mechanical parts etc. Since the computers can do fast computations and the displays can draw them for the visual analysis of the designer, CAD has gained immense popularity in recent years. Obviously, a mere 2-dimensional picture seldom tells the complete story. Further, design details like fixtures etc can be studied only in 3-Dimensions. Hence the use of 3-Dimensional pictures is obviously the key in CAD


This is another fast growing area, A sequence of pictures that educate or explain some concept or simply are of entertainment value are presented with motion incorporated. In such cases, mere 2-dimensional animation is of little interest and the viewer is to be treated to a virtual concept of depth.


There are certain experiments that are either too costly or for certain other reasons can not be conducted in full scale reality. In certain other cases, a preliminary sequence of operations are done on the computer before a full fledged experimentation is taken. The examples of flight simulation or nuclear testing illustrate the concepts.

In a flight simulation case, the trainee is made to “Experience” real flight even though he is stationery. In such a case, definitely a 2-Dimensional simulation is of very little use and for the trainee to experience fully the various complexities involved, an experience of depth is to be provided. Similarly in the case of a nuclear testing, a realistic study can be made only by having a 3-dimensional view on the screen

In fact, the list of applications that need 3-D views can go on endlessly. Instead, we simply underline the fact that using the 2-dimensional screen to provide a 3-dimensional effect is of prime importance and move on to the various ways in which this can be achieved

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