Audio Compression in data compression

Another class of data that is very suitable for compression is CD-quality audio data. The audio signal for each stereo channel is sampled at 44.1 kHz, and each sample is represented by 16 bits. This means that the amount of data stored on one CD is enormous. If we want to transmit this data, the amount of channel capacity required would be significant. Compression is definitely useful in this case. In Table 3.28 we show for a variety of audio material the file size, the entropy, the estimated compressed file size if a Huffman coder is used, and the resulting compression ratio.

T A B L E 3 . 28Huffman coding of 16-bit CD-quality audio. 
 OriginalEntropyEstimated CompressedCompression
File NameFile Size (bytes)(bits)File Size (bytes)Ratio

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