Keys point of Artificial intelligence

Here are the top keys point of Artifical intelligence

  • Different people approach AI with different goals in mind. Two important questions to ask are: Are you concerned with thinking or behavior? Do you want to model humans or work from an ideal standard?
  • we adopt the view that intelligence is concerned mainly with rational action. Ideally, an intelligent agent takes the best possible action in a situation. We study the problem of building agents that are intelligent in this sense
  • Philosophers (going back to 400 B.C.) made AI conceivable by considering the ideas that the mind is in some ways like a machine, that it operates on knowledge encoded in some internal language, and that thought can be used to choose what actions to take
  • Mathematicians provided the tools to manipulate statements of logical certainty as well as uncertain, probabilistic statements. They also set the groundwork for understanding computation and reasoning about algorithms
  • Economists formalized the problem of making decisions that maximize the expected outcome to the decision maker
  • Neuroscientists discovered some facts about how the brain works and the ways in which it is similar to and different from computers
  • Psychologists adopted the idea that humans and animals can be considered information processing machines. Linguists showed that language use fits into this mode
  • Computer engineers provided the ever-more-powerful machines that make AI applications possible
  • Control theory deals with designing devices that act optimally on the basis of feedback from the environment. Initially, the mathematical tools of control theory were quite different from AI, but the fields are coming closer together
  • The history of AI has had cycles of success, misplaced optimism, and resulting cutbacks in enthusiasm and funding. There have also been cycles of introducing new creative approaches and systematically refining the best ones
  • AI has advanced more rapidly in the past decade because of greater use of the scientific method in experimenting with and comparing approaches
  • Recent progress in understanding the theoretical basis for intelligence has gone hand in hand with improvements in the capabilities of real systems. The subfields of AI have become more integrated, and AI has found common ground with other disciplines

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