php compact function

The compact() function is the reverse of extract(). Pass it the variable names to compact either as separate parameters or in an array. The compact() function creates an associative array whose keys are the variable names and whose values are the variable’s values. Any names in the array that do not correspond to actual variables are skipped. Here’s an example of compact() in action:

$color = "indigo";
$shape = "curvy";
$floppy = "none";
$a = compact("color", "shape", "floppy");
// or
$names = array("color", "shape", "floppy");
$a = compact($names);

compact function Example

$city  = "San Francisco";
$state = "CA";
$event = "SIGGRAPH";

$location_vars = array("city", "state");

$result = compact("event", $location_vars);


    [event] => SIGGRAPH
    [city] => San Francisco
    [state] => CA

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