Multidimensional array in php

Arrays do not have to be a simple list of keys and values; each location in the array can hold another array. This way, you can create a two-dimensional array

Example of Multidimensional array in php

$products = array( array('TIR', 'Tires', 100 ),
array('OIL', 'Oil', 10 ),
array('SPK', 'Spark Plugs', 4 ) );

To access the data in a one-dimensional array, recall that you need the name of the array and the index of the element. A two-dimensional array is similar, except that each element has two indices: a row and a column. (The top row is row 0, and the far-left column is column 0.)

To display the contents of this array, you could manually access each element in order like this

echo '|'.$products[0][0].'|'.$products[0][1].'|'.$products[0][2].'|<br />';
echo '|'.$products[1][0].'|'.$products[1][1].'|'.$products[1][2].'|<br />';
echo '|'.$products[2][0].'|'.$products[2][1].'|'.$products[2][2].'|<br />';

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