There are following applications are image processing

Since digital image processing has very wide applications and almost all of the technical fields are impacted by DIP, we will just discuss some of the major applications of DIP

Digital image processing has a broad spectrum of applications, such as

  • Remote sensing via satellites and other spacecrafts
  • Image transmission and storage for businessapplications
  • Medical processing
  • RADAR (Radio Detection and Ranging)
  • SONAR (Sound Navigation and Ranging)
  • Acoustic Image Processing (The study of underwater sound is known as Underwater Acousticsor HydroAcoustics)
  • Robotics and automated inspection of industrial parts Images acquired by satellites are useful in tracking of
  • Earth resources
  • Geographical mapping
  • Prediction of agriculturalcrops
  • Urban growth and weathermonitoring
  • Flood and fire control and many other environmentalapplications Space image applications included
  • Recognition and analysis of objects contained in images obtained from deep space-probemissions

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