FFmpeg is a name of a free software project for the multimedia handling licensed under GNU General Public License. The most popular part of the project is ffmpeg command line tool for video and audio encoding/decoding and its main features are the high speed, quality of output and small file sizes. “FF” from FFmpeg means Fast Forward – a control button on media players, and “mpeg” is an abbreviation of the Moving Pictures Experts Group

FFmpeg command-line tools table

fast audio and video encoder/decoder
media player
ffprobeshows media files characteristics
ffserverbroadcast server for multimedia streaming using HTTP and RTSP protocols

FFmpeg software libraries table

libavcodecsoftware library for various multimedia codecs
libavdevicesoftware library for devices
libavfiltersoftware library containing filters
libavformatsoftware library for media formats
libavutilsoftware library containing various utilities
libpostprocsoftware library for post processing
libswresamplesoftware library for audio resampling
libswscalesoftware library for media scaling

The programming language for all components is C and the source code can be compiled on Linux/Unix, Windows, Mac OS X, etc

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