Difficulties and threats for distributed systems

Here are some of the problems that the designers of distributed systems face

Widely varying modes of use: The component parts of systems are subject to wide variations in workload – for example, some web pages are accessed several million times a day. Some parts of a system may be disconnected, or poorly connected some of the time – for example, when mobile computers are included in a system. Some applications have special requirements for high communication bandwidth and low latency – for example, multimedia applications

Wide range of system environments: A distributed system must accommodate heterogeneous hardware, operating systems and networks. The networks may differ widely in performance – wireless networks operate at a fraction of the speed of local networks. Systems of widely differing scales, ranging from tens of computers to millions of computers, must be supported

Internal problems: Non-synchronized clocks, conflicting data updates and many modes of hardware and software failure involving the individual system components

External threats: Attacks on data integrity and secrecy, denial of service attacks

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