call_user_func_array in PHP

Syntax of call_user_func_array

mixed call_user_func_array(string function, array parameters)

Similar to call_user_func(), this function calls the function named function with the parameters in the array parameters. The comparison to check for a matching function is case-insensitive. Returns the value returned by the function

Example of call_user_func_array

function foobar($arg, $arg2) {
    echo __FUNCTION__, " got $arg and $arg2\n";
class foo {
    function bar($arg, $arg2) {
        echo __METHOD__, " got $arg and $arg2\n";

// Call the foobar() function with 2 arguments
call_user_func_array("foobar", array("one", "two"));

// Call the $foo->bar() method with 2 arguments
$foo = new foo;
call_user_func_array(array($foo, "bar"), array("three", "four"));

Output of call_user_func_array

foobar got one and two
foo::bar got three and four

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