How to make Arc seekbar in Android ?

If you’re looking to make Arc seekbar in Android Then here is the complete implementation of Arc seekbar in Android

What is a SeekArc ?

So what the heck is a SeekArc ? Essentially it’s a SeekBar that has been wrapped around a circle. It acts like a SeekBar and generally has the same settings. You can even add a Listener to it as you would with a SeekBar. So if its in a circle why not call it a SeekCircle ? The answer is that the SeekArc does have a few more setting than the SeekBar one of these is the sweepAngle, which means that the SeekArc doesn’t have to be drawn as a full circle, and can be drawn as a circle, semi-circle or quarter arc or whatever you like. Supports min SDK 8.

How to make Arc seekbar in Android
How to make Arc seekbar in Android

Using the SeekArc

Using the SeekArc is straightforward. There are a number of settings from sweep angle to rotation that can be set. One of the less obvious settings is the radius or diameter of the SeekArc. When I developed the SeekArc I thought about adding an attribute for defining the diameter of the circle. In the end I decided against this. I thought a more flexible approach would be to allow the SeekArc to expand to the size of its container layout. This way the SeekArc can grow in size with a layout that has widths or heights of match parent. Also it is still possible to set the SeekArc to a specific size by setting the container layouts width and height to specific dp values. This sizing approach gives the best of both worlds. To further adjust how the arc fits in its container a padding attribute can also be used.

To help with understanding how to use the SeeekArc I’ve put together a sample app with a number of controls that can be used to adjust the attributes of the SeekArc. This is by far the best way to get a good understanding of how to use the SeekArc. From the sample app you’ll see that it is possible to set attributes such as:

  • Sweep angle
  • Rotation
  • Clockwise (which way do you want the progress to increase clockwise/anticlockwise),
  • Arc and progress width
  • Rounded corners
  • Touch inside enable/disable.
  • Enabled – enables/disables touch and the thumbnail

To use it in your code

Simply add the View to your layout (There are several custom attributes)

        seekarc:touchInside="true" />

Adding to your project

This library is not yet released in Maven Central, until then you can add as a library module or use

Add remote maven url

    repositories {
        maven {
            url ""

Now add a library dependency (remember to check for latest release)

    dependencies {
        compile 'com.github.Triggertrap:SeekArc:v1.1'

#Recent changes

Version 1.1

After a long hiatus we’ve recently integrated many of the PRs/changes submitted by others so a big thanks for all the contributions. We’ll endevour to respond to PRs and updates quicker in future. The following changes have been included in v1.1.

  • converted to gradle
  • latest Android SDK/tools
  • removed dependency on color that holo blue that caused issues on API < 14.
  • changes to make compatible with scroll view changes including example in sample app
  • added ‘enabled’ option that if set to false disables touch and visibility of the thumbnail
  • set color progress and arc programmatically
  • mProgress typo
  • fixed setting progress via xml
  • sample updates to show some of the new functionality
  • readme and notes

Version 1.0

  • init release

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