responsive image with zoomed image on hover using vue.js

Here you can see vue.js component displays an image with the width of the parent element and on hover shows the full image or a scaled image in the image area


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include zoomOnHover.js, which registers the vue component and defines zoomOnHover, the variable for the component configuration object. also include zoomOnHover.css, which contains the needed styles


minimal example (with an example div as parent container)

<div style="width:400px">
  <zoom-on-hover img-normal="image.jpg"></zoom-on-hover>

all options

<zoom-on-hover img-normal="image.jpg" img-zoom="bigger-image.jpg" :scale="1.5" :disabled="true"
  @loaded="onload" @resized="onresize"></zoom-on-hover>

register the component with your vue app or component

new Vue({
  el: "#app",
  components: {
    zoomOnHover: zoomOnHover

you can also check out demo/main.html for an example


  • enabled/disabled property
  • custom scale for zoomed image
  • optionally a separate zoom image
  • event when all images loaded
  • event when images resized (responsive css, etc)
  • basic touch support with zoom/unzoom on tap

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