implode function in php

The implode() function does the exact opposite of explode()—it creates a large string from an array of smaller strings

$string = implode(separator, array);

The first argument, separator, is the string to put between the elements of the second argument, array. To reconstruct the simple comma-separated value string, simply say

$fields = array(‘Fred’, ’25’, ‘Wilma’);
$string = implode(‘,’, $fields); // $string is ‘Fred,25,Wilma’

More Example of implode in php


$array = array('lastname', 'email', 'phone');
$comma_separated = implode(",", $array);

echo $comma_separated; // lastname,email,phone

// Empty string when using an empty array:
var_dump(implode('hello', array())); // string(0) ""


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