There are two categories of the steps involved in the image processing

  • Methods whose outputs are input are images
  • Methods whose outputs are attributes extracted from those images
Fundamental Steps in Digital Image Processing
Fundamental Steps in Digital Image Processing

Image Acquisition:

It could be as simple as being given an image that is already in digital form. Generally, the image acquisition stage involves processing such scaling.

Image Enhancement:

It is among the simplest and most appealing areas of digital image processing. The idea behind this is to bring out details that are obscured or simply to highlight certain features of interest in image. Image enhancement is a very subjective area of image processing

Image Restoration:

It deals with improving the appearance of an image. It is an objective approach, in the sense that restoration techniques tend to be based on mathematical or probabilistic models of image processing. Enhancement, on the other hand is based on human subjective preferences regarding what constitutes a “good” enhancement result

Color Image Processing:

It is an area that is been gaining importance because of the use of digital images over the internet. Color image processing deals with basically color models and their implementation in image processing applications.

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